Ali Hadjikhani

Hello, My name is Ali. I am REFINE’s lab manager. I have studied physics, materials engineering and eventually electrical engineering for my PhD. I have been also doing research at Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science (E3S) located at Berkeley for three years. My research focus at the center was fabrication and characterization of magnetic tunnel junctions so I have some experience on cross sectioning using fib and TEM sample preparation. The fib systems I have used include FEI Helios Nanolab, FEI Quanta 3D, JEOL Jib4500 dualbeam, Zeiss Crossbeam and a Zeiss Orion Nanofab helium ion. Also, since I had to confirm that these thin film layers have been prepared with the uniformity and exact thickness they were aimed for, I had to prepare a lot of TEM samples and I got a lot of experience on FEI Talos field emission TEM. I have also worked in a multidisciplinary group that was studying using nanoparticles as drug delivery agents and I got some experience working with biological samples and methods for bio-distribution measurement and clearance.