Joe Favata

photo Hey! My name is Joe and I’m the 3-D X-ray Tomography Specialist for the REFINE Lab. I’m very enthusiastic about learning and sharing knowledge, particularly on new topics and techniques that grant insight to the beautiful but obscure micro- and nano-scale worlds. In my research, I aim to effectively capture, visualize, and understand multi-scale phenomena, so solutions can be reached for pervasive industrial problems and new technologies/research can be developed. Current research topics include: non-destructive alternatives for microelectronic quality assurance and counterfeit detection tests, reverse engineering three-dimensional information for multi-physics simulation and additive manufacturing, and the use of correlative microscopy for the characterization of materials for drug delivery, quality assurance of thermal barrier coatings of turbine blades and microelectronic counterfeit detection.

I can be reached through email at or on my LinkedIn profile: