Valery Ray

Valery Ray is self-employed technologist working with users and manufacturers of Focused Ion Beam and SEM instrumentation on developing advanced imaging, deposition, Gas-Assisted Etching, and deposition processes for over two decades. He has numerous technology developments to his credit, including through-dielectric imaging for Critical Dimension SEM (CD-SEM) metrology in semiconductor manufacturing, suite of gas injection, etching, endpointing, and deposition technologies enabling reliable high-aspect-ratio probe point connections to deeply buried nodes of secure semiconductor devices, inexpensive water-based technology for FIB deprocessing of Cu over SiO2-based dielectrics in semiconductor devices to name a few. Valery is using unique instrumentation and analytical capabilities of REFINE lab for research of FIB technology, novel gas-assisted processes initiated by ion and electron beams, and works with industrial collaborators on developing FIB/SEM applications for semiconductor device modification (Circuit Edit) and hardware security, while also pursuing PhD at UCONN Storrs Graduate School.